Monday, October 15, 2007

Celebrate Teen Read Week!

Teen Read Week is in full swing at Main and Mitchell Park Libraries. Check out the display of humorous titles in keeping with the theme of 'LOL at Your Library'. The Library is pleased to honor 'Remarkable Readers' from Jordan Middle School. You can see their photos and read their testimonials at Main and Mitchell Park. While you are at the Library, why not try to guess the number of gummy worms in the jar? The closest guess without going over will win a $10 bookstore gift certificate. Also, if you spot the rubber chicken in the Teen Zone, you will win a movie theatre pass. (One pass per day will be awarded.)


mayoung said...
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mayoung said...

Hi All,

Joshua Stanton Savitz
Eric Foelsch
Nina Kim
Allison Krestral Paley
Catherine Wu
Daniel Laren

These are the winners at Mitchell and let me tell you, no hints, no peek-a-boo traces of chicken parts visible when the critter was hidden. Excellent job to the winners and I hope you all enjoy the movie you choose to see.

Mary Ann
Teen Librarian
Mitchell Park

Laurie said...

We had some great chicken trackers at Main too! Here's a partial list of winners. Enjoy the movie, and don't forget to LOL!

Shontelle Standen
Pablo Achoa
Catherine Stevens
Heather Gaya
Miguel Cortes

Laurie Hastings
Teen Librarian