Saturday, March 8, 2008

Who is Kiki Strike?

The mysterious main character of two fantastic books by Kirsten Miller. I recently discovered the Kiki Strike website. Here's what it says about Kiki:

Who is Kiki Strike? Good question. Here's all you need to know right now . . . She's the founder of the Irregulars--a band of delinquent girl geniuses who protect the forgotten tunnels beneath Manhattan that are known as the Shadow City. She's fluent in a dozen languages, she can break into any building, and she's been known to kick butts twice the size of hers. (You've got to be tough when you're 4'10.) And like any girl mastermind worth her salt, there's a series of books devoted to her bizarre adventures.

Not only is the website amazingly cool to look at, it's also full of great stuff, including a blog by Ananka (the narrator of both books) a store, a quiz about which Irregular you might be, and tons more. These are great books! Everything you ever wanted to know about being a spy.

You can also read an interview with Kirsten Miller here.

If you haven't read the books yet, go directly here and reserve them. I mean right now. Go. Scoot!

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